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This project aims at providing access to a Jena model through the Sesame SAIL API.

For example, it let a user execute RQL and SeRQL queries onto a Jena model, both through the usual Sesame API, and using a Jena-style API.

A Jena model can also be added as a repository to your Sesame server and queried through the Sesame Web interface.

May 8, 2004 - Version 0.1 has been released. (download)

Status: all RQL and SeRQL queries in the RQL tutorial and here, executed on the museum ontology loaded into a Jena model, give the same results as a native Sesame repository.
OWL support and modify actions (add/remove triples from the repository) has not been tested.
The Sesame-Jena adapter has been tested with Jena 2.1 and Sesame 1.0.1.

Updated on 08 - 05 - 2004  
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